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Price: $2.99, No In-App Purchases or Subscriptions
Platforms: iOS 16+, iPadOS 16+, macOS 13+ (Apple Silicon required)
Languages: English (US), English (UK)
Privacy Label: No Data Collected
Age Rating: 4+
Size: 900 KB
App Store: Download

Press Access

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  • Log Money Habits
  • Change Habits and Stop Wasting Money
  • View Stats of Past Entries
  • Privacy Mode to Hide Private Entries
  • Confetti Reward Animations
  • iCloud Sync
  • Dark Mode
  • Custom App Icons
  • No Ads or Tracking


Stop wasting money with your personal money habit tracker.

From things like unreturned parcels or expired vouchers to forgotten subscriptions or unnecessary purchases, we’ve all wasted money on things that we didn’t need and regretted. “How Much?” to keep track of all these things, as well as any times you’ve managed to save money so that you can keep track of things and try and change your money behaviour.

Take control of your finances with the ultimate money habit tracker app that empowers you to make smarter choices and achieve your financial goals. Say goodbye to financial uncertainty and hello to a brighter, more secure future!

📊 Gain Insights, Save More: Uncover your spending patterns and track your money habits effortlessly. Log where you save and waste money and watch as your financial journey unfolds before your eyes. Identify areas where you’re saving big and discover those pesky habits that drain your wallet.

🔄 Adapt and Thrive: Ready to conquer wasteful spending? With “How Much?”, change those habits effortlessly. Replace wasteful routines with money-saving choices and witness your savings grow. Each positive step you take is rewarded with delightful confetti animations – turning financial responsibility into an exciting game!

📈 Visualize Your Progress: Visualize your journey with insightful stats and past entry records. Make informed decisions backed by real data, and celebrate your milestones along the way. “How Much?” empowers you to stay motivated and see your progress at a glance.

🔒 Your Privacy, Your Control: We understand some expenses are private. Activate Privacy Mode to tuck away sensitive entries, ensuring your financial matters remain discreet. Rest easy knowing that your stats won’t be affected, allowing you to manage your finances your way.

🌙 Protect Your Eyes, Enjoy Dark Mode: Experience a sleek and eye-friendly interface with Dark Mode. Seamlessly navigate the app even in low-light conditions, prioritizing both style and functionality.

🔗 Sync Seamlessly: Effortlessly access your data across all your Apple devices – iPhone, iPad, and Apple Silicon Macs. With iCloud sync, your financial journey stays up-to-date wherever you go.

🎨 Personalize Your Experience: Make ‘How Much?’ truly yours with custom app icons. Choose an icon that resonates with your style and keep your home screen looking fresh.

🚫 No Ads, No Tracking: Unlike other apps, “How Much?” is dedicated to your financial well-being. We don’t believe in ads or invasive tracking – your experience is as clean and focused as your budgeting goals.

Don’t let your money slip through your fingers. Take charge of your financial destiny with “How Much?” and turn your dreams into tangible, achievable goals. Download now and embark on your journey to a more prosperous future!