Last updated
August 14 2023

Privacy Policy

The developer does not directly store or collect any data from or about the user, or share it with third-parties. The user may optionally choose to upload the application data to Apple’s iCloud service for the purposes of data backup and syncing. This is a direct relationship between the user and Apple Inc. and does not involve the developer.


If the user optionally chooses to sync or backup data to iCloud, the application data will be stored by Apple Inc. Your data is stored in a private database, which is encrypted with an account-based key. Therefore, we do not have access to any data stored in your iCloud account. We also do not have access to your Apple ID or your contact details - only a unique identifier specific to just our app. It is not possible to track your identity between apps with this identifier.

You can revoke access to iCloud and delete all your data in the Settings app on your iOS device or the System Settings on your macOS device.

For more information visit Apple’s privacy policy: